2013           'Deseo' by Miguel del Arco  | Costume Designer

                    Direction: Miguel del Arco, Producer: Trasgo Productions.


2013           'Misanthrope' by Miguel del Arco based on Molière's The Misanthrope  | Costume Designer

                    Direction: Miguel del Arco, Producer: Kamikaze Productions.


2013           ' La Llamada' by Javier Ambrossi & Javier Calvo | Costume Designer

                    Direction: Javier Ambrossi & Javier Calvo, Producer: Mariano Piñeiro.


2013           'Confessions to Ala' by Sapphia Azzedine | Costume Designer

                    Direction: Arturo Turón, Producer: Nada en la Nevera Productions.


2013           'Cenizas' by Chevy Muraday | Costume Designer

                    Direction: Chevy Muraday, Producer: Losdedae Productions.


2013          'Kathie y el Hipopótamo' by Mario Vargas Llosa  | Costume Designer

                   Direction: Magüi Mira, Producer: Teatro Español.


2013          'An Enemy of the People' by Juan Mayorga and Miguel del Arco based on Ibsen | Costume Designer

                   Direction: Miguel del Arco, Producer: Teatre Lliure.


2012          ‘The Fever’ by Wallace Shawn  |  Costume Designer                

                   Direction: Carlos Aladro, Producer: Israel Elejalde, Kamikaze Productions                          

                   Starring: Israel Elejalde, Alba Celma.


2012          ‘La Melancolía de King Kong’ by José Manuel Mora  |  Costume Designer                  

                   Direction: Carlota Ferrer, Producer: Meine Seele, La Abadía Theatre.

2012          ‘Las aventuras de Maya y Gallardo: El Gran Atasco Puppet Show’ |  Costume Designer                  

                   Direction: Fernando Sánchez-Cabezudo, Producer: Mr. Kubik Productions. 


2012          ‘Of Mice and Men’ by J. Steinbeck |  Costume Designer                  

                   Direction: Miguel del Arco, Producer: Concha Busto Productions, Arriaga Theatre (Bilbao),                                                  Kamikaze Productions, Calderón Theatre (Valladolid).​

                   Nominated for Best Costume Design at MAX Awards 2013.


2012          ‘Grooming’ by Paco Bezerra  |  Costume Designer                  

                   Direction: Jose Luis Gómez, Producer: La Abadía Theatre.​

2011          ‘El Amor Enamorado’ by Lope de Vega  |  Co - Costume Designer with Alejandro Andújar                                                    Direction: Fefa Noia, Producer: Korego Proart Productions, La Caimana Company.​

2011           ‘Wild, wild, Wilde!’ by J.R. Fernández  |  Co - Designer with Alejandro Andújar 

                    Direction: Fefa Noia,  Producer: Los Lunes Productions.​

2011           ‘Summerfolks’ by Maxim Gorki  |  Costume Designer                                                                                                                 Direction: Miguel del Arco, Producer: La Abadía Theatre, Kamikaze Productions.                  

                    Nominated for Best Costume Design at MAX Awards 2012.

2011           ‘Los Cuerpos Perdidos’ by José Manuel Mora  |  Costume Designer                   

                    Direction: Carlota Ferrer, Producer: Meine Seele Productions.​

2011           ‘Geografía Interna’ by Maite Marcos  |  Costume Designer        

                    Direction: Maite Marcos, Producer: Institut del Teatre.​

2009           ‘Horror Circus’ by Residui Company  |  Costume Designer                    

                    Direction: Gregorio Amicuzi, Producer: Residui Theatre.​

2009           ‘Luces de Bohemia’ by Valle-Inclán  |  Costume Designer                   

                    Direction: Andrés Vicente, Producer: RESAD (School of Theatre of Madrid)​

2007           ‘Barroco’ by Tomaz Pandur  |  Assistant Costume Designer to Angelina Atlagic                   

                    Direction: Tomaz Pandur, Producer: Fernán Gómez Theatre.                   

                    Award winner for Best Costume Design at MAX Awards 2008.

Theater & Dance












2010 - present

2010 - present

Feature Films

2008           ‘Rivales’ | Assistant Costume Designer to Vicente Ruiz                   

                    Direction: Fernando Colomo, Producer: Colomo Producciones, Mediafilms.                   

                    Starring: Goya Toledo, Ernesto Alterio, Jorge Sanz, Gonzalo de Castro.


2012             ‘L o   s é’ | Costume Designer                                          

                      Direction: Manuela Moreno, Producer: Momento Films.

2012             ‘N o   M o r i r á s’ | Costume Designer                       

                      Direction: Pedro Martín-Calero, Producer: Tourmalet Films.

2011             ‘K o a l a’ |  Costume Designer                                           

                      Direction: Daniel Remón, Producer: Tourmalet Films.

2011             ‘H a s t a   q u e   l a   s u e r t e   n o s   r e p a r e’ | Costume Designer     

                      Direction and Production: Manuel Velázquez de Funes.

2010             ‘S w i n g e r s’ |  Costume Designer                    

                      Direction: Paco Caballero, Production: Escandalo Films.

2010             ‘L a   M i g a l a’ |  Costume Designer                    

                      Direction: Jaime Dezcallar, Producer: Café Pirata Producciones.

2009             ‘V D N’ |  Costume Designer                     

                      Direction: Alejo Flah, Producer: Tresmonstruos Producciones .

2008             ‘B o n d a g e’ |  Costume Designer                     

                      Direction: Javier Guerrero, Producer: Lavisión.

2007             ‘E s m e r al d a  y   E r m y n t r u d e’ |  Costume Designer                     

                      Direction: José Miguel Alonso Gómez, Producer: ECAM, RTVE.

2007             ‘M o n t e n g r o’ |  Costume Designer                     

                      Direction and Production: Lander Camarero

2006             ‘C a m b i o  d e   T u r n o’ |  Costume Designer                     

                      Direction: David Cánovas, Production: Free Run Producciones 

2006             ‘L a   L u z   O s c u r a’ |  Costume Designer                     

                      Direction and Production: Javier Guerrero

Music videos

2013            'Blanc' by Territoire  | Costume Designer

                     Direction: Pedro Martín-Calero, Producer: Territoire, Pedro Martín-Calero.

2011            ‘Twin Souls’ by Sara Da Pinup | Costume Designer                     

                     Direction: Pedro Martín-Calero, Producer: Sara Da Pinup, Caballo Films.

​2010            ‘Talk about her’ by Eight Man | Costume Designer                     

                     Direction and Production: Jose and Judit Tirado Muñoz.

2008            ‘Do Your Thing, Babe!’ by The Right Ons |  Costume Designer                     

                     Direction and Production: Pedro Martín-Calero.


2009             ‘Super Charly’ | Wardrobe Assistant                     

                      Producer: Grundy Productions

2006             ‘Territorio Champiñón’ | Assitant Costume Designer to Vicente Ruiz                     

                      Direction: Borja Cobeaga, Producer: Notrofilms, Antena3


2012            Stylist for Ovideo Publicidad SL and Lavisón Productions:                   

                     REAL MADRID, IBERIA, VODAFONE.

2006            Stylist for Purr Productions:                   


2006            Stylist Assistant to Vicente Ruiz for Only 9 to 5 Productions:                   

                     DIGITAL PLUS.


2012           ‘The Lion King’ by Julie Taymor.                  

                    Direction: Julie Taymor, Producer: Disney and Stage Entertainement.

2011           ‘Crazy Love’ by Antonio Muñoz de Mesa.                  

                    Direction: Antonio Muñoz de Mesa, Producer: Circo Price Theatre.

2011           ‘EndGame’ by Beckett                  

                    Direction: Krystian Lupa, Producer: La Abadía Theatre.

2010          ‘El Arte de la Comedia’ by Eduardo de Filippo                  

                   Direction: Carles Alfaro, Producer: La Abadía Theatre.

2009          ‘Días Mejores’ by R. Dresser                  

                   Direction: Álex Rigola, Producer: La Abadía Theatre.​

2009          ‘La Paz Perpetua’ by Juan Mayorga                  

                   Direction: José Luis Gómez, Producer: La Abadía Theatre.

2008          ‘El Burlador de Sevilla’ by Tirso de Molina                  

                   Direction: Dan Jemmet, Producer: La Abadía Theatre.

2008          ‘Argelino, servidor de dos amos’ by Alberto San Juan                  

                   Direction: Andrés Lima, Producer: La Abadía Theatre.

2007          ‘The Rise and Fall of Mahagonny’ by Bertold Brecht                  

                   Direction: Mario Gas, Production:  Teatro Español, Naves del Matadero.

2007          ‘Sainetes’ by Ramón de la Cruz                  

                   Direction: Ernesto Caballero, Producer: CNTC (National Centre of Classical Theatre)

2007          ‘El Curioso Impertinente’ by Guillén de Castro                  

                   Direction: Natalia Menéndez, Producer: CNTC (National Centre of Classical Theatre)

2007          ‘Viaje del Parnaso’ by Cervantes                  

                   Direction: Eduardo Vasco, Producer: CNTC (National Centre of Classical Theatre)

2006          ‘The Little Match Girl’ by Christian Andersen                  

                   Direction: Dan Jemmet, Music: The Tiger Lillies, Producer:  Autumn Festival of Madrid 2006.

2006          ‘La Revue Noire...’ by Jérôme Savary                  

                   Direction: Jérôme Savary, Producer: Opera Comique de Paris, Veranos de la Villa Madrid.

2006          ’Romeo and Juliet’ by Shakespeare                  

                   Company: The Royal Ballet of London, Venue: El Escorial Auditorium.

2006          ‘Aida’ by Verdi                  

                   Producer: Tritón Productions.


2010              Postgraduate in Costume Design Applied Drawing Skills  (University of Barcelone)

2009              Course Costume Design in the 20th Century (Museum of Costume, Madrid)

2007              Course Costume & Set Design (Central Saint Martins, London)

2006              Course Fashion Design Technical Skills (Lagasca Design School, Madrid)

2006              Course Art and Fashion in the 20th Century (Museum of Costume, Madrid)

2006              Course Introduction to Costume Design (Museum of Costume, Madrid)

2005.2006     Graduate Diploma on Costume Design (ECAM School of Cinema, Madrid)

2005.2010     Translation Degree (Autonoma University, Madrid)

2000.2005     Psychology Degree (Complutense University, Madrid)